Ribbon Cutting with Chris of Aurora Piercing Boutique

    Aurora Piercing Boutique Owner Chris Gonyou

    Marquette, MI – Congratulations to Chris Gonyou and the staff at Aurora Piercing Boutique on their new location in downtown Marquette.   Aurora Piercing is your safe body piercing spot in Marquette. Proud member of the Association of Professional Piercers ensuring your safety and the best quality piercing possible.  Aurora also carries a great selection of jewelry, from implant grand materials to organic plugs.

    When your kids are ready for their first set of ear rings talk to Chris about the safety Aurora Piercing can provide as apposed to some places that use guns.  You want your kids to be safe, and so does Chris and his team.


    Whether you’re getting ready for your first piercing or anticipating your next exciting one talk to Chris, Brooke, or Stephanie about your options.  And if you want to get a little more adventurous this time… Aurora Piercing will be there supporting you throughout the whole process.

    Aurora Piercing Boutique