UPBargains Daily Deal Mar. 1 – Auto Armor Deluxe Car Wash 5-Pk.


    Marquette, MI – March 1, 2017 – If you look out the window today, spring is probably the furthest thing from your mind. Under all that snow, your car is probably also sitting under a layer of salt and grime… Yuck!

    Auto Armor of Marquette 5-Pak Deluxe Car Washes
    Get your 5-Pak of Deluxe Auto Armor Car Washes for just $25!

    Ever-changing weather is a fact of life here in the U.P. We might have sunshine with subzero temps one day and slushy, muddy roads the next. Salt and sand keep our cars on the slippery roads, but it also eats away at the finish of your car and promotes rust!

    Do your car a favor and pick up a 5-pak of Auto Armor Deluxe Car Washes from UPBargains.com. They’re only $25 for 5 car washes (a $40 value)! Auto Armor of Marquette is convenient and you can use these certificates any time of the day – they’re open 24 hours! Go any time, any day… these certificates do NOT expire.

    Keep your car looking its best and protect your investment – pick up this 5-pak of Deluxe Car Washes from UPBargains.com and stop by any time to use the high pressure automatic touch-free car wash.