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Opening Day Of Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival!


Marquette, Mich.July 21st, 2023 – Today marks the first day of the 43rd Annual Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival. Gates popped open at 1 pm. The hustle and bustle of the crowds moving in sparked excitement in campers, and volunteers alike. This is just the beginning of an exciting weekend. You could already hear drums beating, children playing, and the general clatter of camp prep. The energy from all the folks already on the grounds was ecstatic. One can tell that once the music starts, so will the dancing to the beat of traditional music styles.

While the first number of patrons shuffled, biked, and rode in, one of our correspondents snapped fun photos of the first couple hours after the gates opened. Please enjoy these photos of the opening moments. If you have any photos or videos from Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival you’d like to share, tag us on Facebook @ Sunny.FM & mediaBrew Communications.


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