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Negaunee Girls Beat Manistique 56-28


Negaunee, MiJanuary 23rd, 2023The Negaunee Miner Girls had a great game against the Manistique Emeralds on Monday night. Carl Leander Johnson was on the scene for Sunny 101.9

The Miners won the jump ball and hit a three pointer to start off the game. The Miners had good ball movement and got another two points. After some great defense the girls stole the ball and got an easy lay-up forcing Manistique to call a timeout. Aubrey Johnson got herself to the free throw line after a good take and sunk both. Clare O’Donnell had a great block that helped her team gain another two point. Aubrey Johnson hit a jump shot from the elbow putting the Miners up twelve. The Emeralds ended the quarter with a basket to cut the lead to ten. 15-5

The Miners continued to build their lead in the second quarter.
Ella Mason had a lay-up right away to get the quarter started.
The girls quickly pushed their lead to fifteen with great ball movement and even better defense. The Miners continued to force turnovers that help them gain more points. Cooper Atkins got fouled and went to the free throw line that helped push their lead even more. Manistique kept pushing back, giving the Miners a game. Cooper Atkins had another basket for the team.
After great team effort the Miners ended the half up thirteen. 30-17

Manistique came out strong to start the second half of the game and cut the lead to eight. Ella Mason was the first to score for the Miners in the third quarter.Theresa Anderson had two points off a rebound shortly after. Aubrey Johnson had another jump shot for Negaunee. Negaunee came out in a full court press that forced a turnover from the Emeralds. Ella Mason could not miss and hit another three point shot for the Miners. Aubrey Johnson hit another shot with the help of a great pass from Grace Nardi.
Madison Pekrul and Ella Mason had good pick and roll action that got the team two more points. Another great quarter by the Miners that gave them a big lead on the Emeralds. 45-28

The Negaunee girls started the fourth with Theresa Anderson in the post and got two points. Clare O’Donnell got on the board with the completion of a three point play. Ella Mason got in the lane and got another basket putting her at twenty points for the night. Seere Helms-Gleason subbed in and got her first basket of the game for the Miners. Aubrey Johnson had a backdoor cut that helped her get two more points. The Miners finished the game with a win for a nine game winning streak. 56-28







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