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Negaunee Marches on In Playoffs After 65-54 Win over Escanaba on Sunny 101.9


Negaunee, MI March 2nd, 2022 – The Negaunee Girls Basketball team moves on in the postseason after an electrifying win at home against Escanaba. Carl Leander Johnson had the call live on Sunny 101.9!

Negaunee and Escanaba Warm Up
Negaunee and Escanaba Warm Up

1st Quarter: The Miner’s took no time to get this game rolling as they won the tip and Lily Nelson would drain a three. Madison Monkevich would get fouled and bring the Eskymos within two when she went 1/2 from the line. Nelson would hit another three giving Negaunee the early momentum and the 6-1 lead. Nelson just continued to score as she would earn a trip to the free throw line and she went 1/2. Negaunee’s offense continued to roll as Alyssa Hill would get on the board and Negaunee led 9-1. Hill would score yet again and Negaunee snagged the double digit lead. Escanaba would finally put an end to Negaunee’s run when Katelyn Stalboerger made 1/2 free throws after being fouled. Keira Maki of Escanaba would score and cut the Miner’s lead to 4-11.

Escanaba began to find their rhythm as they would score and only trailed 6-11. Stalboerger would steal the ball and score, Escanaba was on a 7-0 run and trailed by 3. Grayson LaMarche continued Escanaba’s run with a bucket and the Eskymos only trailed by 1, 10-11. The Miners would fall behind for the first time after Maki scored and the Miners trailed 11-12. Negaunee ended the first quarter on a rough note after turning the ball over and LaMarche would capitalize with a bucket on the other end.

End of 1st: Negaunee 11, Escanaba 14

2nd Quarter: Escanaba’s first quarter run continued as LaMarche scored and Negaunee trailed 11-16. Escanaba’s 15-0 run would finally end with a Lily Nelson three giving the Miners some life back. LaMarche would continue to score as she got a bucket to go and the Miners were down 14-18. Nelson and Hill buckets would tie the game right back up 18-18. Mari Bink would answer right back with a three and the Miners trailed 18-21. The Miners got a bucket of their own but Monkevich would cancel that out with an and one shot, she would fail to complete the three point play as she missed the free throw.

Negaunee Plays Defense
Negaunee Plays Defense

Alyssa Hill would cut the lead down to two when she got fouled and went 1/2 during her trip. Hill forced an Escanaba turnover when she stole the ball and she tied the game up 23-23 with a made shot on the other end. Ella Mason hit a shot from downtown and then the next possession she would hit another three and all of a sudden Negaunee led 29-23. Mason continued to erupt in the second quarter when she stole the ball and scored on the other end. Maki scored for Escanaba, ending Negaunee’s quick streak. The threes continued to rain for Negaunee as Nelson hit a shot from beyond the arc. The first half of play would end with Ella Mason scoring and getting her 10th points of the game

End of 2nd: Negaunee 36, Escanaba 25

3rd Quarter: The third quarter of action would begin with a defensive play from Hill as she would block a shot. Stalboerger would cut Negaunee’s lead to single digits with a two point bucket. It was a game of back and forth buckets for a bit as Negaunee would score but Escanaba would match it and then Negaunee would score again, the score now 40-29 in Negaunee’s favor. Ella Mason continued to get buckets as she would score again. Negaunee’s offense kept running through Mason as she couldn’t miss and she would hit another three, the Miners led 45-33. Stalboerger scored for Escanaba, getting the lead down to ten. With 2:47 left Alyssa Hill would get her fourth foul and head to the bench, opening an opportunity for Escanaba. Summer Dudo would hit a shot from beyond the arc and the Miners led 48-37. Mason continued to be unconscious from three as she would hit another shot. Escanaba would match Mason’s three with a three of their own, Negaunee led 51-40. The third quarter would end with two free throws courtesy of LaMarche.

End of 3rd: Negaunee 51, Escanaba 42

4th Quarter: Emily Gauthier would get the lead up to 53-42 with a basket of her own to start the final quarter. Mason got her 20th point of the game when she scored and the Miners led by 13. Monkevich would say not so fast as she got an and one shot and made it a three point play with the made free throw. Monkevich hit a three giving Escanaba momentum as they only trailed by 7. Lily Nelson would instantly match with her own three and the Miners led 58-48. The fourth quarter continued to be a strong one for Monkevich as she hit yet another three. Alyssa Hill would answer with an and one shot and the made free throw to keep the lead at double digits, 61-51. Monkevich continued her three point clinic with another made shot from beyond the arc, the Miners led 61-54. The Miners would put the game away with a bucket and Ella Mason free throws and their playoff journey stayed alive.

Final Score: Negaunee 65, Escanaba 54

Listen to Full Game Here

Next Game: The Negaunee Girls Basketball team continues their playoff journey on Friday, March 4th at home with their opponent to be determined. Carl Leander Johnson will have the call live on Sunny 101.9!


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