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Negaunee Football Sneaks out of Homecoming With a 31-30 Victory Over Gladstone on Sunny 101.9


Negaunee, Mi – October 8, 2021 – Negaunee Miners football took down the Gladstone Braves 31-30 on their Homecoming week. Mark Evans and Gregg Nelson had the call in Negaunee on Sunny 101.9.

1st Quarter:

Negaunee’s homecoming game was off to a hot start right out of the gate with a Phillip Nelson kickoff return touchdown, giving Negaunee the 6-0 lead. Gladstone’s first possession was saved with a 28 yard catch from Eli Berthaume to convert on fourth down. The Braves tied it up, 6-6, with an 11 yard touchdown from Eli Berthaume.
The hot start cooled down for a few drives but fires right back up when Phillip Nelson picked off Nate Young to give the Miners the football.

End of 1st: Negaunee Miners 6, Gladstone Braves 6

2nd Quarter:

The Miners started the second quarter with a fumble scare but it was ruled that the ground caused the ball to pop out. Lukkarinen got the first points of the second quarter with a dive into the end zone. Negaunee missed out on a two point conversion leaving the Negaunee lead at 12-6. Puchee of the Braves answered right back with a 44 yard touchdown which was followed by a two point conversion, the Braves had the 14-12 lead.
Palomaki stiff armed a Braves corner back on his way to a 50 yard touchdown to give the Miners a 18-14 lead. The second quarter continued to be a shootout after Eli Vittito ran for 59 yards. The Braves got the two point conversion giving Gladstone the 22-18 lead.
The Miners marched down the field to try and answer with their own touchdown to get the lead back. Lukkarinen leaped into the end zone giving the lead back to the Miners, 24-22. Nate Young got hit as he threw the ball resulting in Phillip Nelson picking off Young. Cartwright of the Braves picked off he Miners for a pick six but an illegal block in the back got the pick six called back. There was confusion on flags that were thrown but Gladstone got the ball back for an untimed down to end the half but Negaunee’s defense stayed strong, not allowing a score.

End of 2nd Quarter: Negaunee Miners 24, Gladstone Braves 22

3rd Quarter:

Gladstone nearly got a kickoff return touchdown to start the second half but a holding call got it called back.There was a fumble scare for Gladstone but Eli Berthaume fell on the ball, keeping the drive alive. Negaunee got the ball and nearly went out on a fourth down but kept it alive with a conversion. The Miners ended up punting the ball, the first time they didn’t go for it all game. It was a flat offensive possession for the Braves as they turned it over on downs.

End of 3rd Quarter: Negaunee Miners 24, Gladstone Braves 22

4th Quarter:

The fourth quarter started much like the first half and Nate Young broke away for a 55 yard run touchdown. The Gladstone Braves  would convert the two point conversion, the Braves led 30-24. The Miners were looking at a third and long but converted giving them a fresh set of downs. Gerald Johnson cut through for a 23 yard gain getting the Miners to the 12 yard line. On 2nd and 3rd Nico Lukkarinen punched it into the end zone giving the Miners the lead late in the game, 31-30. Puchee remained unstoppable getting a 12 yard gain for the Braves. It came down to a fourth down to keep the Braves’ hope alive. Nate Young threw to Eli Berthaume who caught it but dropped the ball after getting hit hard. Negaunee converted on fourth, sealing the win over Gladstone.

Final Score: Negaunee Miners 31, Gladstone Braves 30

NEXT GAME: The Negaunee Miners football team play the Houghton Gremlins on Friday, October 15th at 7 P.M. Mark Evans and Gregg Nelson will be on the call at 6:30 P.M. for the Elder Agency Pre-Game Show.

Listen to the full game here


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