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Windy & cool holiday


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A strong area of low pressure moving across Ontario will keep strong wind gusts around through about midday. Plus, we remain under a cool pocket of air through midweek. A warming trend begins on Thursday with highs reaching back in the 60s.

Labor Day: Windy morning and becoming mostly cloudy

· Highs: Low to mid 50s west, upper 50s to low 60s south, upper 50s east

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy with afternoon light rain moving in for the central and eastern U.P.

· Highs: Low to mid 50s wets, mid 50 central, upper 50s east

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy and light rain continuing for the central and east

· Highs: Low 50s

Thursday: Mostly sunny, dry and milder

· Highs: Low 60s

Friday: Mostly sunny, dry and seasonal

· Highs: Mid to upper 60s

Saturday: Turning cloudy with rain showers and thunderstorms

· Highs: Mid 60s

Sunday: Partly cloudy and mild

· Highs: Around 60°

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