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Mostly sunny start to Sunday, with increasing cloudiness and rain beginning west midday


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High pressure over the Upper Peninsula holds until Sunday morning, making for a mostly sunny and mild start to Father’s Day and the first day of the summer season. But a Dakotas-based frontal system approaches the Western Great Lakes region towards midday, bringing increasing clouds and rain showers to the west end of the U.P. during the early afternoon hours. Light-moderate rain production spreads eastward towards the late afternoon hours. During this the front’s low center enters the western U.P. and brings isolated thunderstorm chances to the region into the overnight hours. Half to 3/4 inch rainfall possible during this rain event -- or higher from thunderstorms.

Following the front’s exit Monday is a sweeping, cold northwesterly wind that will result in below-seasonal temperatures in the U.P. to start the week. The temperature trend swings upward midweek for brief warming, only to dip below seasonal averages again into the weekend.

Sunday, Father’s Day and the First Day of Summer 2021: Mostly sunny then becoming mostly cloudy by midday; chance of rain showers beginning west midday then spreading eastward into the afternoon; chance of isolated thunderstorms during the late afternoon and evening hours; mild and breezy with southeast winds 10-15 mph

>Highs: 60s-70s (warmest south)

Monday: Mostly cloudy with a chance of a.m. rain showers, then gradual clearing in the afternoon; cool and breezy with northwest winds gusting over 30 mph

>Highs: 50s

Tuesday: Partly to mostly cloudy with a chance of afternoon showers

>Highs: 60s

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy; warmer and breezy

>Highs: 70s

Thursday: Increasing cloudiness with a chance of rain and isolated thunderstorms late; breezy

>Highs: 80

Friday: Mostly cloudy with a chance of rain and isolated thunderstorms

>Highs: 70s

Saturday: Partly cloudy and cooler

>Highs: 60s

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