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Mild, humid & breezy start to Monday with a chance of p.m. t-storms


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The tail end of a frontal system centered over Hudson Bay brushes through the Upper Peninsula overnight, bringing light rain shower chances to the western and central counties into Monday morning. Southerly winds hold strong in the front’s approach to the region with gusts over 25 mph. Accompanying this strong wind flow is humid air that looks to increase dew points in the U.P. to the 60-degree range. This humidity combined with daytime heating and frontal lift will produce scattered rain showers and few thunderstorms in the afternoon -- mainly over the western interior and eastward in the proximity of the frontal system.

Following frontal passage, an upper-level disturbance looks to produce rain showers over the U.P. Tuesday, especially in the afternoon.

Rain chances increase again towards Friday with an approaching system from the Great Plains.

Temperature trend looks to hold above seasonal throughout the week, though a slight dip in the jet stream (in the wake of the Great Plains system) over the weekend can drop the trend closer to the seasonal range.

Monday: Slight chance of a.m. light rain, then a chance of scattered showers and few thunderstorms in the afternoon; breezy and warm

>Highs: 70-80s (coolest near shore)

Tuesday: Partly cloudy then mostly cloudy in the afternoon with a chance of scattered showers and few thunderstorms

>Highs: 80s

Wednesday & Thursday: Variable cloudiness

>Highs: 80

Friday & Saturday: Cloudy with a chance of rain; mild

>Highs: 70s

Sunday: Partly to mostly cloudy with a chance of rain showers

>Highs: 70s

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