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Partly cloudy skies and a showering of snow for some Yoopers to begin 2021


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High pressure south of the U.P. drawing warm, dry air into the region leading to mostly clear skies overnight. Low temps mainly in the 10s; 0s for interior locations. The SW wind over Lake Michigan produces potential lake effect snow showers for Schoolcraft County locations and eastward early New Year’s Day, but overall more sunshine and warmer than usual temperatures (upper 20s-lower 30s) in the Upper Peninsula to start 2021.

The mild weather pattern persists over the weekend, with the next chances for precipitation forecasted for Monday night from a Canadian Prairies-based system, Wednesday by a migrating system from the Northern Plains and Thursday from Lake Superior-effect snow.

Friday, New Year’s Day: Partly cloudy

Highs: 30

Saturday: Mostly sunny and mild

Highs: 30s

Sunday: Partly cloudy

Highs: 30s

Monday: Increasing cloudiness with a chance of afternoon snow

Highs: 30s

Tuesday: Variable cloudiness

Highs: 30

Wednesday: Cloudy with a chance of rain and snow

Highs: 30s

Thursday: Cloudy with a chance of snow

Highs: 30

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