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Keeping considerable clouds


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Weather Updates from TV6 Meteorologists Karl Bohnak and Jennifer Perez

Stubborn low clouds, mist & patchy fog linger early this morning. While main roads are merely wet, side streets may still be snow-covered and slippery. Caution around those intersections. Temperatures will stay in the above-average category despite the lack of sunshine.

Wednesday: Cloudy and mainly dry with seasonally mild temperatures. Isolated mist/drizzle may occur over parts of the far eastern U.P.

Highs: Upper 30s & low 40s.

Thursday: Mainly cloudy early with increasing sunshine and continued dry weather.

Highs: Low to mid 40s.

Friday: Partly to mostly cloudy with an isolated snowflake, mainly along the Copper Country.

Highs: Upper 30s.

Dry, pleasant weekend weather prevails with near to above-average temperatures. However, a strong cold front is expected to bring falling temperatures and modest lake effect snows Sunday night through the first half of next week.

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