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Testimonials, comments, and questions from WKQSFM listeners.

Bill Dupras
I am listening to you from Ireland, you and walt sound good…

Ron Wealton
Mike thanks for the story about aramark and the food! Continue to keep the public aware of what’s happening inside the walls and fences of our prisons. Its bad and continues to worsen!! Our kitchen served hamburger buns and rice for breakfast yesterday. I work at AMF by the way. And after 23 years in corrections I have never seen things as bad as they are now!! This summer is going to be very interesting to say the least!! These budget cuts are killing us and ARE directly affecting the safety and security of staff and the public.Don’t listen to the politicians and all there “spin” it’s not good inside our prisons . The prisoner that escaped a couple weeks ago was wearing white long underwear BTW. Keep up the good fight on behalf of us all we truly appreciate it!!


Good Looks Auto Detailing
I wanted to thank everyone at Great Lakes Radio for doing a wonderful job helping my business advertise through them during the summer months. They are such a great group of people to come together and help business and customers save money with their shopping show. I really like the certificates I received from them as well. They will definitely be put to good use! Thank you guys so much!


Jeremy Thompson

Thanks for coming to eat with us yesterday. fundraiser was a huge success. This was handed to us on a silver platter!! i can’t thank you, Mike and Great Lakes radio and Kurt at Perkins enough. We had 35% of the pancake sales come back to us, which totaled $350. This means at least 625 pancakes, 250 pieces of bacon and 125 drinks were served by our team. The customers that came to Perkins were above and beyond GENEROUS. The total sales, donations and tips brought us over $1,100!!!!!!!!!! If I was unsure of the support system this team has, I KNOW NOW. I AM COMPLETELY IN AWE. I had players and parents go past their required 3hrs and 4 pancake making parents that stayed the duration. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come for our program. now we just need the weather to cooperate.



Jennifer Zywicki
Thank you for doing a great job with the Quarter final basketball game. I am a Laker alumni who couldn’t make it to the game and it was awesome to hear it streaming. I also want to thank you for speaking kindly of our players. There were many Laker fans that listened tonight, and hats off to you for respecting both teams. You spoke very highly of Mike O’Brien and I hope someone gets a chance to tell him that he is respected as a great player by not only his fans here at Glen Lake, but also by fans from all over this great state. Best of luck in the Semi-finals.


Tony Grudnoski


Heard your interview with the Gov yesterday…thought it was very very well done…you asked all the questions I would have, and more, and got good responses. Keep up the good work.

Tony Grudnoski


Kathleen Heideman (Rydholm)

Hey Walt & Mike –

Thanks so much for having me in your studio this morning to talk about Save the Wild U.P.’s Cookie Fundraiser! And I heard the follow-up references after I left!

With real gratitude,


Mary Tippett

Hi Walt,

I just listened to your interview with Bill Stream and Kim Van Osdol, and I just want to thank you for drawing them both out in such an expert manner. You’re one of the best interviewers in local media, and you hit every possible point to cover the historic, contemporary and future aspects of the bank. The icing on the proverbial 125th anniversary cake was helping the public understand what it means to be a community bank. :-)

That’s a pretty tall order. Well done! and thanks again,


Ann Brownell

Thank you for featuring the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter on the Sunny Morning Show in May to promote our Back in Black Adoption Promotion. Due in large part to being featured on your radio program, we saw a huge increase in black pet adoptions the following few days!

Thank you for all you do to help our homeless pets!

Ann Brownell
UPAWS Community Relations Chair


Sam Matthews

Hi guys! I just wanted to say that I LOVE the new song of the day “Guardian” by Alanis Morissette. If you guys get a chance to play it this evening, I would love to hear it!!

Love your music, you guys rock!


Dick Derby
Project Organizer

I am very happy to report that well over 6,000 pounds of food items were collected on Saturday, April 21st. The families of Ishpeming and Negaunee were generous as always and the food pantries at the Salvation Army and St. Vincent De Paul are once again full. More items are still coming in from homes and churches throughout the area.

Over 225 people helped organize and carry out Project “Food For A Neighbor”. On behalf of the sponsors – Wesley United Methodist Church in Ishpeming and St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Negaunee, and the recipients, the Salvation Army and St. Vincent De Paul – many thanks are extended to the area adults and the incredible youth from the Westwood, Ishpeming, and Negaunee High Schools, Hartman Community High School, and numerous Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops. Thanks also to all of the people who donated. The combined effort of all of these individuals has made a huge difference toward serving those in need in our community.

Thank you Walt and Mike at Sunny 101 for your support and being a voice on the air for this event.
Full food pantry at salvation army sunny 101.9


Debra Nance

Hey guys (Walt and Mike) :)
Thanks again for the opportunity to be on the show! You make the interview process so easy. Thanks for buying wrist bands as well.