Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Word of the Day – May 12 – Palooka

noun:  palooka  (puh -LOO-kuh)definition:1. an incompetent or inexperienced boxer2.  oaf, loutsample sentence:  Although sometimes reckless in the ring, Tony was never a palooka and...

Word of the Day – May 11 – Pursy

adjective:  pursy (PER-ee)definition:  having a puckered appearancesample sentence:  Over the fireplace hung a portrait of a woman with dark eyes and a pursy mouth.

Word of the Day – May 10 – Factoid

noun:  factoid  (FAK-toyd)definition:  an invented fact believed to be true because of its appearance in print or a briefly stated and usually trivial factsample...

Word of the Day – May 9 – Miscreant

Noun: Miscreant  (MIS - kree - uhnt)Definition: a  person who is very bad, immoralSynonyms: bully, cad, lowlife, louse, heel, scum, skunk, varmitSample Sentence: The...