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UPBargains.com – Deal of the Day: Bow Wow “Wow” LLC $20 towards grooming ONLY $12!!

Get $20 towards grooming at Bow Wow “Wow” LLC for $12 at UPBargains.com!!

Marquette, MIJuly 17, 2020 – The dog groomers were closed as long as the hair salons, and I know what my hair looks like…needing an evening or weekend appointment means I’m getting my hair done in August. That’s fine, but I bet if your fur baby needs theirs done, by August they’ll be a matted mess.  No need to wait that long at Bow Wow “Wow” LLC. Jenny Seckinger is a certified practicing dog groomer who possesses a natural creative passion for styling.

Bow Wow “Wow” LLC is located right next to Accents in Gwinn (We have certificates for them too) and you could get your hair done at the same time as Beethoven the St Bernard or Georgette the poodle…Just saying..

At UPBargains.com, we have $20 certificates towards any grooming services at Bow Wow “Wow” LLC for only $12! If you order online at UPBargains.com, you pay with PayPal and we mail your certificates to you.  You can also give me a call at 228-6800 to reserve your certificates and then stop at our office at mediaBrew Communications to pay with cash or a card.


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