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UPBargains.com – Deal of the Day: $5 for Towners Pastry Shoppe only $3!!

The best breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had in my life!!!

Marquette, MIJune 30, 2020 – I got up extra early this morning and took a drive to Towners Pastry Shoppe in Gwinn because I needed my croissant fix.  I got a delicious, melt in my mouth, no way lunch won’t be a letdown breakfast sandwich that I inhaled on my way to work (not because I didn’t have time, but because it was just that good!) and a chocolate covered croissant “for later” that may have made it all of an hour.  I will be taking the dog for an extra walk today.

At UPBargains.com, we have $5 certificates to Towners Pastry Shoppe for only $3 and you can use 2 per visit! If you order online at UPBargains.com, you’ll pay with PayPal and I’ll mail your certificates to you.  You can also give me a call at 228-6800 to reserve your certificates and then stop at our office at mediaBrew Communications in Marquette weekdays between 9am-5pm to pay with cash or a card.


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