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UPBargains.com – Deal of the Day: $10 certificate to Irontown Pasties for $6.50!!

Examples of the difference sized pasties at Iron Town.
Examples of the difference sized pasties at Irontown.

Marquette, MIMarch 26, 2020 Irontown Pasties is locally owned and operated by John & Lori Cizek. Since they opened in March 2010, Irontown Pasties has grown to become a regional favorite.  In fact, their 10 year anniversary was earlier this week.  I bet once all of this social distancing we’re doing is over and done with, Irontown Pasties will have one heck of a celebration! In the meantime, they’re open for business with their full menu and ready to provide you with both frozen and warm pasties to keep you a happy and fed Yooper.

Irontown’s menu includes a delicious line of fully and half baked, and frozen pasties. They have full sized pasties from your traditional beef to a spicy jalapeno beef or chicken pot pie.  They also have a variety of vegetarian and vegan options. Not only do they have full sized pasties, but they also have mini pasties in fun flavors like bacon cheeseburger or apple turnover. Something for everyone!

Right now, Irontown Pasties will be open Monday thru Saturday from 11am to 7pm. Closed Sunday. Counter service is still available, but curbside pickup is preferred. Please call ahead to make sure they will have your order ready for you, 906-475-6828.

At UPBargains.com, we have $10 certificates to Irontown Pasties for only $6.50.  Ordering online is easy peasy and completely safe with PayPal.  Then you can expect your certificates in the mail within a couple of days. Super simple, super convenient and a tasty way to save some money.


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