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UPBargains.com – Deal of the Day: Shannon’s Home Cooking $5 Certificates for $3!!

The tastiest Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich my hubby’s ever had!

Marquette, MIJanuary 27, 2020 – The hubs and I took a ride to Gwinn the other day and had heard so many good things about Shannon’s Home Cooking we just had to stop in for lunch. She has a menu with a little bit of everything, but it isn’t just the same ole same ole.  My husband’s go to is a chicken bacon ranch anything, and she has a chicken bacon ranch sandwich on the menu, so he ordered it and as all good wives do, I stole a bite (or two because it was so good).  She didn’t just take a chicken breast and throw it on the grill, it was seasoned with her own special blend of spices and was delectable!

Get $5 Certificates to Shannon’s Home Cooking for ONLY $3 at UPBargains.com!!

I had her tacos, and again, you could say a taco is a taco, but no, the seasoning in the meat was clearly of her own concoction and was so tasty and flavorful.  We both left full and satisfied.  Combined with the friendliness of both our waitress and Shannon herself, who came out of the kitchen to do the whole small town, three degrees of separation thing where we realize we have people in common and the delicious, very reasonable priced food, I know we’ll be back!

At UPBargains.com, we have $5 certificates to Shannon’s Home Cooking for only $3.  Since you can use 2 at a time, that’s $10 for $6 which will pay for most of what lunch for two will cost you, so tip your waitress well!

If you order your certificate online at UPBargains.com, you’ll pay with PayPal and I’ll mail it to you. Alternatively, you can give me a call at 228-6800 to reserve your certificates and then stop at our office at mediaBrew Communications to pay with cash or a card.


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