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UPBargains Daily Deal March 14 – $25 Aurora Piercing Boutique Certificates

$25 certificates to Aurora Piercing Boutique in downtown Marquette

Marquette, MI  –  March 14, 2017  –  Today we’re happy to announce a brand new item to the shopping show from a brand new company! Aurora Piercing Boutique just opened in downtown Marquette. Chris Gonyou’s shop is very specifically because he was one of the only two members of the Association of Professional Piercers in the Upper Peninsula.

Aurora Piercing Boutique’s most common piercings are the ear, nose, and belly button, but they also pierce other areas of the body! So whether you want some new jewelry for a piercing you already have or you’re looking to get a brand new hole, Aurora Piercing and Boutique is the past to visit!

Now, with Upbargains.com, you can save when you stop by the store with $25 certificates to be used on any purchase including piercing, jewelry, or art. With 40% each certificate, you get $25 certificates for just $15.00!

Chris’ shop features Glass wear, Neo Metal, BVLA, Anato Metal, and Niobium Custom Jewelry. All of which are hypo-allergenic and made of the highest quality materials.

Save for you, support for them. Upbargains.com.

(Sunny.FM does not claim photo rights – all photos from Aurora Piercing Boutique Facebook Page)