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Hi all,

Tuesday is the best day of the week to come pick up your certificates because if you wait much longer, they get put back on the shopping show!  Stop in and pick them up before they are gone!  While you are in, get a certificate for Northern Meats the BEST place for meat in town.  Glenn can help you pick out the right choice AND tell you how to use it and make the best dinner you’ve ever had.  These certificates are worth $10 but we are selling them to you for only $6! Glen will let you use two certificates per purchase! Check out Smoke House Glenn for a complete listing of all the products and packages available.  You can also order online and have them ship your order to you!  Don’t miss out on the best meat products in the Marquette area.  Call Glenn at 906-249-1222 for more information.

Thanks for reading and happy grilling!




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