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UP Bargains: Independence Day Deals


Marquette, Mich – 

On UPBargains.com, our goal is always to spread local discounts to local people. Tomorrow is shopping show day, but if you’re in the know you’re subscribed to the UP Bargains newsletter for the early sneak peak.

We’ve got a whole host of Independence Day themed deals featured on our newsletter. Check it out to see what deals we’ve highlighted today for your 4th of July! We’ve got plenty of deals on those BBQ friendly foods, but you’ll have to be quick before they sell out. They always do! Then, there are plenty of awesome discounts on outdoor adventure, which would be a perfect way to spend the holiday, too. If you want to know more just click on the link below!

http://upbargains.com – SUBSCRIBE HERE

Now, don’t forget about the incoming giveaway party this weekend. If you received an invitation in the mail, that means you’re a finalist! Be sure to bring your invitation and a +1 to the event on June 29th! All the information you’ll need will be on the invite, as well.


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