Home Shopping Show Deals Hotter Than the Sunshine at UP Bargains! Go Now!

Deals Hotter Than the Sunshine at UP Bargains! Go Now!

Hot Savings at UP Bargains
Hot Savings at UP Bargains

Marquette, MI – Tune in weekly on Wednesdays to the 2022 Station of the Year Award-Winning 101.9 Sunny FM for UP Bargains! Mark and Walt will talk about the latest and greatest discounts to be found on UP Bargains. There are lots of amazing new things on the show that are great for spring adventures! These incredible deals can even be emailed straight to your inbox! Go ahead and get signed up now for UP Bargains Newsletter!

The weather cannot make up its mind but you can on Lake Superior Pizza! Wait out the rain, wind, or fog with a slice of delicious pizza for a bargain.

Heading out on the waters of the Upper Peninsula? Grab a canoe or a kayak rental from AuTrain River Canoe & Kayaks for a deal!

Driveway cracked and looking rough? You’re in luck with Jet-Black! Save some big money on repairing that driveway and getting it looking great again.

Uncle Chuck’s Funny Farm has deals that will grow on you. Buy plants, fertilizer, accessories, and more for a low price and bring color to your days.

Are you ‘lovin’ it’? Well you will be on these deals at McDonald’s in Marquette. Grab combos, Happy Meals, sandwiches and more and get delicious savings.


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