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Get Going on Weekly Wednesday Savings at UP Bargains

Hot Local Deals with UP Bargains
Hot Local Deals with UP Bargains

Marquette, MI – Wednesdays bring incredible new deals and savings. When you listen in each Wednesday morning to Sunny 101.9 or 103 FXD for UP Bargains! Mark and Walt chat about the latest and hottest discounts to be found on UP Bargains. These great deals can even be emailed straight to your inbox! Go ahead and get signed up now for UP Bargains Newsletter!

Has it been 3,000 miles or 3 months? Get your oil changed for a deal with Jon’s Auto and save yourself some money and piece of mind. Get that vehicle running smoothly.

Lake Superior Smokehouse Brewpub has the delectable bites your mouth has been watering for all winter. Save some money on your favorite meals and come back for more.

Mom wants a day trip to Mackinac Island for Mother’s Day. Why not take her VIP with Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry? Make her day special and save money.

Spring cleaning is happening all around, why not save money with Carey Sodergren on taking care of your septic tank or more! They have services beyond just septic.

Things will hop of the shelves at St. Vincent de Paul Marquette for you to buy them. It is even better save money on those great treasures too!


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