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UP Bargains Daily Deal – Auto Armor Interior Shampooing


The daily use of any vehicle can accumulate dirt, mud, gravel, winter salt and food spills that should and can be cleaned up. UP Bargains and the Shopping Show have secured Auto Armor of Marquette for bargain hunters looking to restore the appearance of their vehicle’s interior.

Auto Armor is offering  Shampooing Packages for 4 different vehicle sizes:

Small/Midsize vehicle – Retail 84.95 – – Sale 59.00

Truck/Mid/Lg Ext Cab – Retail 94.95 – – Sale 69.00

Minivan/Utl. Veh/4 door Truck – Retail 104.95 – – Sale 75.00

Suburban/Lg Van – Retail 114.95 – – Sale 79.00

Depending the the package purchased, there will be required work time set aside to complete the process. For more information, call Auto Armor:  228-5353

Visit Auto Armor’s website for more information!!!


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