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UPBargains.com – Deal of the Day – UP Masks from Screened Image ONLY $8!!

Get a comfy UP mask from the Screened Image for $8 at our mediaBrew Communications office!!

Marquette, MIApril 16, 2021 – We’ve all been there, go to run into the store and realize that we’ve forgotten to grab a mask.  Or maybe you’re like me and didn’t think this was going to last this long, so when you got the obnoxious tie dyed mask, or one covered in cats, and honestly I have one that’s both of those…so you could really use a neutral mask but want it to have a little something special on it.  Here at mediaBrew Communications, we have some black cloth masks with a silver Upper Peninsula on them from The Screened Image.

These masks from The Screened Image retail for $12, but at UPBargains.com, they’re yours for $8! If you order online, you’ll pay with PayPal, but we aren’t mailing them out, so you’ll have to stop at our office next to Super One Foods in Marquette to pick them up.  You can also give me a call at 228-6800 to reserve yours and then stop and pay with cash or a card.  We’re here weekdays 9am to 5pm.


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