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GLRC Foundation works with Intern from MARESA March 3, 2021


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GLRC Foundation works with Intern from MARESA March 3, 2021

Great Lakes Recovery Centers, Inc. (GLRC), is honored to be a part of Marquette Alger Regional Educational Services Agency’s (MARESA) Vocational Internship program.

MARESA’s Vocational Internship program began in 1986 and has placed over 1,500 interns in local private and public businesses and non-profits. The Interns are seniors at a local high school and receive school credit and letter grades as part of their internship. They work ten hours per week at their vocational site, learning many skills.

The GLRC Foundation welcomed Tianna Williams as an intern in January of 2021. The GLRC Foundation works to develop recourses and create partnerships that will empower recovery within Great Lakes Recovery Centers seven pillars of service – Adult Residential, Children’s Services, Offender Success, Outpatient, Prevention, Medical Services and Recovery Housing. This includes writing grant proposals and managing grants, organizing fundraising and awareness events, attending community events and being a part of local coalitions, and accepting donations, whether they are monetary, stock or a donation of goods.

Williams says, ‘I am so grateful that I was given this opportunity to intern at GLRC. Not only have I met wonderful people here, but I have learned how much one local organization has such an impact in our community.’ She is learning some of the administrative tasks behind a non-profit foundation. She helps with things such as entering donations, mailings, filing, organizing donations, etc. The GLRC Foundation opened a Donation Closet in January of 2021. Tianna has been instrumental in inventorying the donations so that they can easily be shared with all of the GLRC programs.

Tianna has been a blessing,’ said Amy Poirier, the GLRC Foundation Coordinator. ‘Not only is she a great help in the office, she brings us a smile every day. We hope that we can teach her some new skills as she prepares for life after high school and help her step outside of her comfort zone.’

One thing we would like to show Tianna while she is here is what goes into a press release,’ said Poirier. ‘Talking to the media is something that often intimidates people, so we want to show Tianna that it really isn’t that bad.’ Great Lakes Recovery Centers sends out press releases every month, so introducing this aspect of the agency to Tianna is another way for her to build her skillset for the future.’

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