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Congratulations to the Winner of the Manicure Your Lawn Giveaway from Bergdahl’s and Great Lakes Radio, Tasha Vangundy

It's been a while since we had a give away.
It’s been a while since we had a giveaway.

Marquette, MI  –  March 29, 2018  –  We had a great turn out for tonight’s Manicure Your Lawn Giveaway Party! About 384 people showed up at River Rock Lanes and Banquet Center to win the Grand Prize and go home with the keys to a brand new Cub Cadet Mower and Cart from Bergdahl’s. Congratulations to our grand prize winner Tasha Vangundy from Harvey.

As the giveaway’s main sponsor, representatives from Bergdahl’s joined us for the party to give away one of their best-selling mowers in the Upper Peninsula! The Skandia-based company has nearly 100 years of combined experience selling top quality equipment. The team out at Bergdahl’s not only helps people choose the right product for their needs, but Bergdahl’s will show customers how to use the unit, do repairs, and even deliver!

The banquet hall doors opened at 6:30 pm this evening as Nancy and Amy welcomed our guests and gave everyone prize tickets.  The Dynamic Duo kept the line moving quickly to get the night underway! Once everyone settled in, our emcees for the night, Walt Lindala and Adam Carpenter, took over the mic to welcome everyone to the party. After thanking our sponsors and River Rock Lanes for hosting yet another Great Lakes Radio giveaway party, we started giving stuff away!

Walt and Adam announced the prizes and called out ticket numbers while our staff ran prizes to the people in the crowd. Among the door prizes we gave away were bags of BIGGBY Coffee and a $30 Gift Card from Frei Chevrolet.

River Rock Lanes and Banquet Center has been our venue for this parties for years!
River Rock Lanes and Banquet Center has been our party venue for years! Thank you, Clay and Donna!

103-FXD’s Eric then took over the mic to prepare everyone for one of our favorite parts of the evening – the food. Mama Russo’s catered for us again with a fantastic buffet set up in the River Rocks’ arcade area. Everyone enjoyed tasty cudighi bites, those famous homemade salads, and delicious lasagna. We barely heard a peep as people chowed down on the meal from Mama Russo’s.

Mixed in with the final door prizes, we handed out Edge of Reality VR Arcade – ½ Hour Station Rental certificates, some landscape photography from Saddleback Photo, and an awesome party basket from The Up North Lodge. After giving out the last of the door prizes, it was finally time to select our finalists for the main giveaway of the night! Walt returned to the front of the room with Major Discount to draw finalist tickets. As Walt called out each number, the ticket holder came up front and chose a station envelope with the hope of winning the Grand Prize!

Drawing out the suspense, Major Discount took over before the seventh finalist was drawn to bring up Business Manager Mike Angeli from Frei Chevrolet. Mike introduced our brand new giveaway, a paid 2-year lease on a 2018 Silverado from Frei! The crowd roared with excitement as Bill Tibor flipped over the sign to reveal the new giveaway prize. Check out the official contest page to see more about the contest as it becomes available.

Bergdahl's and the Great Lakes Radio staff with winner Tasha Vangundy.
Bergdahl’s and the Great Lakes Radio staff with winner Tasha Vangundy.

With Chuck Bergdahl pulling the last ticket out of the bucket, we lined all seven finalists up, and Major Discount counted down prompting the finalists to tear open their envelopes. Tasha Vangundy picked the lucky envelope and pulled out the winning sheet. Congratulations to Tasha from Harvey on winning the mower. Tasha told the Major that she had a very large yard and her neighbor often mowed it for her. The prize may become a community resource for the neighborhood, shared between the different houses to make everyone’s lawn look beautiful!

To see more photos check out our other posts on: wrup.com, foxsportsmarquette.com, and wfxd.com.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Bergdahl’s, Frei ChevroletRiver Rock Lanes and Banquet CenterMama Russo’s, Hudson’s Classic GrillTadych’s Econo FoodsBIGGBY Coffee, Jet’s Pizza, Ojibwa Casino, Great Lakes Fresh Market, Quality Car Care Center, Pomp’s Tires, The Up North Lodge, Advanced Chiropractic, Edge of Reality VR Arcade, Saddleback Photography, Super One Foods, Swick Home Services, and Pike Distributors.


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