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The Weekly Talk: Find Out How You Can Get Involved in the Caregiver Incentive Project Organization

Ellen Rapp (pictured far left) with the rest of The Caregiver Incentive Project organization leaders
Ellen Rapp (pictured far left) with the rest of The Caregiver Incentive Project organization leaders

Marquette, MI  –  10/27/2019  –  Did you know that November is national Family Caregiver’s Month? In honor of that, I talked with Ellen Rapp, a student representative for the non profit organization Caregiver Incentive Project.  I met will Ellen to talk more about CIP and what the organization is about.

What is the Caregiver Incentive Project?

It is a non profit charity organization. Its purpose is to end the national shortage of caregivers, specifically in home caregivers. There’s just not enough people filling the job positions.

What is the goal of the organization?

Our goal is to start training programs to help people establish care giving as a career path and standardize the training.

Is it aimed toward college students? 

Not necessarily just college students, but we do plan to provide scholarships and incentive programs to get college students to become caregivers while they’re in college.

What is your role in the organization?

It’s a volunteer position. I do a lot of the social media and community outreach to help people understand what were doing and why it is important.

Tell me about your most recent fundraiser at The Ore Dock.

We had a fundraiser kick off at The Ore Dock. It was a kick off event for our month long campaign that we’re doing for the month of November because it’s national family caregivers month. So were trying to raise $1,000, which will go straight to starting the training programs. We had give away, and there was a live band. It was just for people to get to know what we’re doing. For the month of November were going to be featuring different caregivers from around the area weekly, and why they think that care giving is rewarding. It will end on December 3rd, which is Giving Tuesday and also International Day of Persons With Disabilities. As of right now we don’t have any other fundraisers coming up. We have a donation button on our website which is the-cip.com.

How do you become a member of Caregiver Incentive Project?

We’re trying to form an action group. Anyone can join! They can get in contact with me by emailing me at ellen.rapp@the-cip.com or they can get in touch with Eric. You can also contact us on our Facebook Page. The action group that we are trying to form, a CIP action group, can be caregivers, it can just be people in the community that are interested. We are going to try and get together monthly and see how we can do more outreach and see how we can take action and get more people involved. We also have a newsletter that goes out through email that people can sign up for as well on our website.

Talking to Ellen made me more interested in this organization, and what they do for the local community! The Caregiver Incentive Project is an organization you will definitely want to get involved in if you have ever wanted to be a caregiver, or if you would like to volunteer your time to help a great cause!

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