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UP Regional Blood Center Gets Blood From Mark & Walt In The Morning

(L-R) Mark Evans, Walt Lindala, Kelly Varda, Mike LaVigne and Rachel Heath in the Sunny Studios.

Marquette, MI – (11/11/19) – The UP Regional Blood Center came to the Sunny Studios today to gather the blood of Mark & Walt.  Also in the studio was Mike LaVigne, Manager of Super One Foods in Marquette.  It was all to get people to give the gift of life as the UP Regional Blood center currently has a critical need of several types of blood.

The morning started with the load-in of a lot of gear, including a comfy reclining chair to sit in as the blood was donated.  That was followed by checks of everyone’s general health and eligibility to be a blood donor.

Mark gets poked.

The first in the chair to donate this morning was Mike LaVigne, who said the experience was quick and easy and made him wonder why he doesn’t donate blood more often!

Then it was Walt’s turn in the comfy chair and within minutes, a pint of his blood was gathered and processed (with no screaming).  Closing out the morning’s donating festivities was Mark, who said, all in all, it was an easy thing to do to help give someone life!

The UP Regional Blood Center is located at 427 West College Avenue in Marquette and is open most weekdays 8:00am to 5:00pm and closed on weekends.

They also have locations in Iron Mountain, Sault Ste. Marie, Houghton and Escanaba.  They remind folks that they serve 13 regional hospitals in the U.P., and the blood collected in the U.P. stays in the U.P.

Mike LaVigne from Super One Foods in the chair.

Very special thanks to Rachel Heath and Kelly Varda and the rest of the staff at the UP Regional Blood Center!  They made it easy and enjoyable to start our day with donating!




Walt enjoys the donation!

LISTEN – Highlights of the morning’s broadcast with Mark & Walt in the Morning.

VISIT – The UP Regional Blood Center website for more information and how you can give blood.



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