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Kick Cancer With Kickball In Marquette!

Kick Cancer Kickball Tournament

Marquette, MIMay 23, 2023Cancer Care of Marquette County is hosting a fun way to help out those fighting cancer next month in Marquette.

Barb Salmela, Event Organizer, spoke about the event with Mark & Walt in the Morning.

Salmela explained that the Kick Cancer Kickball Tournament is coming up June 23rd and 24th at Hurley Field in South Marquette.

She said that the field of teams is set, but all are invited to come out and cheer on the teams and help out with some donations for Cancer Care of Marquette County.

She also gave some background on what Cancer Care of Marquette County is all about and how you can find out more if you have any questions or could use their services.

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