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Share Me: Smart Phone Icons And What They Do


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Marquette, MIMarch 23, 2015 – Smart phones are super useful. They’re your personal pocket organizer. You can take pictures, play games, set alarms and reminders, check Facebook and Twitter, post your photos to your Instagram followers, text and Snapchat your friends…just about anything you want to do on the go, your smart phone can do.

Oh, and you can also make phone calls.

The problem is that the phones do so much these days that the learning curve can be pretty steep. What do all these icons mean and what do they do? Exactly how do I get a picture from my camera to a text message or Facebook post? Well that’s easy: click your “share” icon.

What does the share icon look like? That depends on what kind of phone you have. The location of the icon also depends on your phone. In my Galaxy S5, it’s usually in the upper right corner. My old iPhone 4s stuck the share icon at the bottom of the screen.

So if you just purchased a smart phone and can’t figure out how to share interesting articles, I scoured the Internet to find four of the more common ones (note: they also work on tablets!):


Google Android
Google Android Share Icon After 2011Google Android Share Icon Pre-2011
Android’s Current Share IconAndroid’s Share Icon up to 2011


Apple iOS and Macs
Apple iOS7 Share IconApple iOS6 Share Icon
Apple iOS 7Apple iOS 6


Windows phones are a little different. If you have a Windows 7 phone, you want to find the icon that looks like a gift:

Windows 7 Share Icon

Windows 8 users (my condolences if you are a Windows 8 user) are treated to a round…circle…thing:

Windows 8 Share Icon

That’s a huge change just to go from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

Those are some the most common “share” icons out there. Unfortunately, there is no one standard icon that means Share Me! But, if you’re the proud owner of an Android, iPhone, or Windows phone, at least now you know what to look for.

Any other share icons I missed? Always wondered what those weird lines in the corner of your phone’s browser mean? Let me know in the comments!


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