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Negaunee Miners Girls Basketball (43) VS Calumet Copper Kings (57) on Sunny.FM 02/09/16


The Negaunee Miners won 56-44 over the Norway-Vulcan Knights on Sunny.FM.Calumet, Michigan – February 9th, 2016 – The Negaunee Miners girls basketball team traveled to Calumet to take on the Copper Kings tonight.   Jesse Anderson and Brady Guilbault were there to bring you all the action from the U.P. Propane Press Box, starting with the Honor Credit Union Pregame Show on 101.9 Sunny.FM!

The Negaunee Miners were unable to win the opening tip-off to start their game against the Calumet Copper Kings, and the Copper Kings were able to go on a four to zero scoring run early in the first quarter. Negaunee ended their scoring run when Aleda Johnson drained a long three point shot, but Calumet kept up the pressure. The Miners were able to find some life late in the quarter, but eventually, the Copper Kings’ full-court press wore Negaunee down. The first quarter ended with a score of 7-15 in favor of Calumet on 101.9 Sunny.FM!

At the start of the second quarter, the Negaunee Miners were having some trouble dealing with the tough defense of the Copper Kings, but a long two-point shot got the quarter started the right way for Negaunee. With five minutes left to play in the first half, the Miners had worked their way back and were able to tie the game at 17-17. Negaunee stayed neck-a-neck with Calumet for much of the second quarter, but by the end of the quarter, the Copper Kings had retaken the lead.

First Half Score:
Negaunee Miners: 18
Calumet Copper Kings: 26

The Negaunee Miners had a tough road ahead of them in the second half of play, as they trailed to start the quarter. The Calumet Copper Kings had the size advantage over Negaunee, and they used this to continue to build on their lead from the first half. Halfway through the quarter, the Miners trailed by more than ten points, however, as the third quarter began to draw to a close, Negaunee was unable to make up the difference. At the end of the third quarter, the Copper Kings led the Miners 27-39 on 101.9 Sunny.FM!

It was a tough game for the Negaunee Miners, who had to play from behind for the first three quarters against the Calumet Copper Kings. The score was 30-43 with just over five minutes to play, and Negaunee was running out of time to make their comeback attempt. Both teams began to approach foul trouble as the action heated-up, and multiple players fouled out of the game. Abby Nelson was able to break the ten-point barrier against Calumet with just under three minutes to play, and that brought Negaunee’s defect to only eight points. Calumet regained their ten-point lead with under two minutes left in the game, but Negaunee did their best to slow the game down and allow themselves time to mount a comeback. The Miners were unable to overcome the Calumet Copper Kings and took a tough loss to an undefeated team.

Final Game Score:
Negaunee Miners: 43
Calumet Copper Kings: 57

The Negaunee Miners Boys Basketball team will travel to West Ishpeming Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 to face the Westwood Patriots.  Join Jesse Anderson and Brady Guilbault for all the exciting action.  The Honor Credit Union Pre-game Show will start around 7:00pm and the game will follow at 7:30pm on Sunny.FM.

LISTEN FULL GAME- The Negaunee Miners lose to the Calumet Copper Kings (43-57) on Sunny.FM February 9th, 2016

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