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Negaunee Miners Beat Calumet Copper Kings 65-36


Negaunee, MiJanuary 9th, 2023The Negaunee Miner Boys were head to head with The Calumet Copper Kings Monday night in the Lakeview Elementary Gymnasium. Carl Leander Johnson was on the scene for Sunny 101.9

The first quarter started with a two pointer from Gavin Saunders. Calumet followed, scoring two three pointers. Matthew Peters cut the lead to four. Calumet scored a three pointer, cancelling out Peters’ move. Ty Jacobson scored a three pointer a few seconds later, in vengeance of Peters. Ty Jacobson scored again, evening the score after a timeout called by Coach Nelson of Negaunee. Ty Jacobson continued to climb to a score of seven with some contest from Calumet. 15-11

He Shoots!
He Shoots!

The second quarter moved quickly, Tyler Black threw a three pointer bringing Calumet’s score to fourteen. Calumet evened the score, but Gavin Saunders stole back the lead with a two pointer bringing the Miner’s to a score of seventeen. Ty Jacobson threw his second three pointer of the half as well before a timeout was called. 20-15 Gavin Saunders scored another two pointer, swatted a ball from Calumet and scored another two pointer from the swat within a minute. Bradley Nelson scored stopping Calumet’s drought. Evan Gauthier scored a two pointer shortly after, bringing Negaunee’s lead back up to ten. After some back and fourth, Saunders reached eleven points.The half finished with Negaunee taking a lead of 29-20.

The third quarter started off with Ty Jacobson, who gave the Miner’s a thirteen point lead. He reached a game high score of fifteen, breaking the game lead. Mason Sager put himself on the board with a three point shot, bringing the Miner’s to a lead of fifteen. Gavin Saunders scored another three pointer, as well as a two pointer shortly after. Gavin Saunders climbed to a score of 21 points. Gavin Jacobson passed to Jace Turri, who scored bringing the Miner’s past a score of 50. 52-27

They Shoot
They Shoot

The fourth quarter was a great close to the night. Jace Turri perfectly swooshed both three throws given to him. Ty Jacobson was the second scorer of Negaunee to break the twenty point threshold, reaching an impressive 21 points. Alec Nelson was last to score for Negaunee, hitting a last minute bucket that drove the student section wild.




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