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Negaunee Miners Boys Basketball (60) VS West Iron County Wykons (40) on 101.9 Sunny.FM


Iron River, MichiganFebruary 18th, 2019 – It was parents night in West Iron County Monday night. Nice win for the Negaunee Miner boys as they were victorious over the West Iron County Wykons 60-40. West Iron County striked first with a 3-0 lead over the Miners.

Negaunee takes their first lead of the night 5-3 with a shot by Dan Waterman. West Iron County trails the Miners with a time out 9-3. The deficit was cut by 3, 6-9 with the Miners in the lead over the Wykons. Nice shot for Waterman from the right side. 2 minutes left in the first quarter, Negaunee in the lead 12-6. Shot up and good for Josh Swanson, 17-8 with 30 seconds to go. Ball in favor of West Iron County. 20-8 going into the second quarter with the Miners over the Wykons.

20-9 Miners lead in the second quarter. Shot good for Dan Waterman with a score of 21-9, all Negaunee. 30 second time out called for West Iron County 24-12; fouls are in favor of Negaunee. The Miners shooting very well Monday night. Dan Waterman leads scorers with 9 points. 26-12 the Miners get a shot up and good. 31-14 Miners lead with 1:49 in the second quarter. Ball was over the head of Thompson and Miners got the ball back. Josh Nelson passed the ball to Williams; the shot was up and no good. 33-14 all Negaunee going into halftime.

Drew Lindberg is the leading scorer for the Miners going in halftime. Negaunee’s ball started us off for the third quarter. Foul is on Nelson after the shot; 37-21 Negaunee over the Wykons. Turnover for Negaunee was West Iron County’s ball. 41-25 as the gap between the Miners and Wykons continued to grow in Negaunee’s favor. 31 seconds in the third quarter the Miners have the lead 41-29. Shot taken by Jackson Sager was up and good.. score was 48-32 at the end of the buzzer.

Shot up and good for Negaunee in the fourth quarter, 50-37. 54-37 with 3 minutes in the fourth quarter; fouls are five apiece. Score cut by 20 points, 57-37 with under 2 minutes in the fourth.

60-40 the Miners defeat the West Iron County Wykons from Iron River Monday night.

Stay tuned for the Negaunee ladies on Tuesday, February 19th as they take on the Marquette Redettes! We’ll have all the action starting around 7pm on 101.9 Sunny.FM.

LISTEN – FULL GAME – Nice win for the Negaunee Miners as they defeat the Wykons 60-40

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