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Basketball Night in Negaunee – The Miners Take Down Hancock Bulldogs 53-26 on SunnyFM

Emily Paupore takes a shot
Negaunee’s Emily Paupore takes a free throw.

Hancock, MIFriday, December 14th, 2018The Negaunee Miners faced the Hancock Bulldogs in Hancock Friday night where they took their fourth conference win with a score of 53-26. Jesse Anderson was in Hancock to bring all of the live action to 101.9 SunnyFM.

1st Half

The game began with Hancock winning the tip off and being the first team on the board. However, that didn’t last long as the Miners took a three-point lead with around 5:20 left in the quarter. Negaunee held that lead for the duration of the quarter, taking the 20-6 lead going into the second.

Negaunee increased their lead even more in the second quarter. A combination of a strong Miners offense and defense shielded the Bulldogs from getting on the board too often, as they only scored four points during the second quarter. The Miners took the 33-10 lead into halftime.

2nd Half

Negaunee kept up the intensity as the third quarter began. The Miners played a clean defense, with only one foul versus Hancock’s five. The Miners kept sinking baskets, furthering their lead to 42-16 as the third came to a close.

The fourth quarter was consistent with the rest of the game. Even though the Miners were up with quite a large lead, they kept putting the pressure on the Bulldogs. The game ended with a final score of 53-26, bringing the Miner girls to an impressive 4-0 record!

Up Next

The Negaunee Miners’ next game on SunnyFM is on Thursday, December 20th, 2018, against the Ishpeming Hematites in Ishpeming at 7:15 pm. Join Jesse Anderson for all of the can’t-miss action! The pre-game show will start around 6:45 pm and tip off will follow at 7:15 pm on Sunny.FM. Also, shout-out to Negaunee’s MacKenzie Karki, MI Internet’s Player of the Game. Great job!



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