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Basketball Night in Marquette – Negaunee Miner Girls (56) VS Marquette Redettes (51) on 101.9 Sunny.FM

She shoots, she scores!
She shoots, she scores!

Marquette, MichiganDecember 11th, 2018 – Negaunee Miners headed to Marquette for the first time this season to take on the Redettes. The lady Miners were victorious 56-51 over the Marquette Redettes Tuesday night. The game started a little later than anticipated, and that gave both teams a chance to develop a winning strategy. The Miners kept possession and both teams were tied in the first minute of the game.

Negaunee takes the lead 2-0 over the Redettes. Rachael Hunt checked in for the Redettes as the Miners held their lead of 2-0. Negaunee and Marquette traded buckets on the court with a little fight. 9-6 was the score at the end of the buzzer in the first quarter with the Miners ahead.

The Negaunee Miners had the 3 point lead of 13-10. Marquette tried to get in the low block and worked around the perimeter but had an air ball and it was no good. 17-14 with the Miners still holding on by 3 points. 35 seconds to go in the first half as the ball was in Marquette’s court. A fowl on Alyssa Hill with the score of 20-18 going into halftime from Marquette Senior High School.

Tied up at 20 a piece in the third quarter of action! Marquette tried to take their first lead of the night over the Miners. The ball went out of bounds and Marquette got the turnover. The Redettes lead the Miners, 22-20 for the first time. It was one heck of a battle between these 2 teams. 31 a piece as they were tied up once again. The pass was made over to Rachael Hunt with the clock still running. Big steal by Marquette as Negaunee tried to tie up the game one more time.

Third quarter was all the Redettes as they extended their lead 34-31 over the Miners. 42-36 with the Miners once again in the lead with 4 minutes left to go in the game. No free throws with the score 49-43 – the Miners over the Redettes. Both teams were trading 2 point plays in the fourth quarter with under 3 minutes. Second shot was up with 17.2 seconds left and the Miners lead the Redettes 53-51. Both teams came out of their respective benches and it was the Miners ball.

56-51 and the Miners take the win over the Redettes!

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