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Basketball Night in Negaunee – Negaunee Miners Victorious Against L’Anse Purple Hornets (76-43) on SunnyFM

Purple Hornet takes ball down court
The Miners beat the L’Anse Purple Hornets 76-43 in their first conference win.

Negaunee, MIMonday, December 10th, 2018The Negaunee Miners faced the L’Anse Purple Hornets Monday night where they won 76-43 in what was their first conference win of the season. Jesse Anderson was in Negaunee to bring all of the live action to 101.9 SunnyFM.

1st Half

The game began with L’Anse winning the tip-off. However, the Miners were the ones to bring the heat early on in the quarter, as they ended up getting a 17-point lead before the Purple Hornets were able to get on the board. The Miner’s didn’t let up as they ended the first quarter with a lead of 27-7. The second quarter of the game was similar to the first in that Negaunee kept up with a strong defense, but they had an even stronger offense. The second quarter finished with a huge 47-11 Miners lead.

2nd Half

The Purple Hornets were playing a different tune in the beginning of the third. They started with possession of the ball, and went on to get a 6-0 run over the Miners, almost matching their entire first half of play within the first three minutes of the quarter. Negaunee came back to score a few baskets, but the intensity was not like the first half of the game. The third quarter ended with a 55-28 Miners lead. The Miners had their spark again at the beginning of the fourth quarter. The Purple Hornets scored a few baskets, but the Negaunee Miners ultimately came out on top with a whopping 76-43 win!

Up Next

The Negaunee Miners’ next game is on Tuesday, December 18th, 2018, against the Gwinn Modeltowners in Gwinn at 7:15 pm. Join Jesse Anderson for all of the can’t-miss action! The pre-game show will start around 6:45 pm and tip off will follow at 7:15 pm on Sunny.FM. Also, shout-out to Negaunee’s Jason Waterman, MI Internet’s Player of the Game. Great job!



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