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Basketball Night in Negaunee – The Miners Fall to the Copper Kings 63-60 in Season Opener on SunnyFM

Miners Time Out on Bench
The Miners take a time out on the bench.

Calumet, Michigan November 27, 2018– The Negaunee Miners traveled to Calumet Tuesday night where they faced the Calumet Copper Kings in their season opener. The Miners ended up falling to the Copper Kings with a final score of 63-60 in a nail-biter. Announcer Jesse Anderson was there to bring all of the action live to 101.9 SunnyFM.

The game started with Negaunee’s Drew DuShane jumping for the ball, with the tip-off being won by Calumet. Negaunee soon gained the lead however, scoring the first basket of the game. Calumet then came back to hit a three-pointer right off the bat, making the score 3-2 in Calumet’s favor near the beginning of the game. Back-and-forth fouls and possession soon became the theme of the first quarter, with Negaunee ultimately taking the 17-13 lead going into the second.

Both teams had five fouls heading into the second quarter, and both teams stayed true to their man-to-man defenses. Calumet took the lead early on 20-19. Their lead didn’t last too long, as Negaunee soon gained the 25-21 lead with 3:57 left to go in the first half of the game. The back-and-forth theme continued on in the second quarter, and Calumet had the 31-29 lead going into the third quarter of play.

The Miners had possession of the ball to kick off the third quarter, but they still fell behind the Copper Kings until about the 6:38 mark. Again, both teams went back and forth with possession, fouls, and free-throws, but Negaunee’s Jason Waterman went on to score a key play that put the Miners ahead 49-45 going into the fourth quarter.

The fourth quarter began with the ball in Negaunee’s hands. A quick series of events lead to Negaunee getting ahead 54-47. With around 3:50 left, Calumet’s Travis Ojala sunk a much-needed three-pointer, and they eventually gained the 61-60 lead not long after. The Copper Kings went on to score another basket with only seconds left, bringing them to their 63-60 victory over the Miners.

The Negaunee Miners’ next game is on Friday, November30, 2018 against the Iron Mountain Mountaineers at 7:15 p.m. in Negaunee. Join Jesse Anderson for all of the can’t-miss action! The pre-game show will start around 6:45pm and tip off will follow at 7:15pm on Sunny.FM.

Also, shout-out to Negaunee’s Jason Waterman, MI Internet’s Player of the Game who scored a whopping 23 points!

LISTEN – FULL GAME – Negaunee Miners Fall to Calumet Copper Kings 63-60 on SunnyFM


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