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Negaunee Miners Girls Basketball were defeated in Districts by the Westwood Patriots (59-44) on Sunny FM

Negaunee Miners Girls Basketball VS Westwood Patriots in Districts on Sunny FM
Run-away ball!

Ishpeming, Michigan02/28/2018– The first game in the Girls Districts for this area was tonight in the Ishpeming gym. The Negaunee Miners Girls Basketball team and the Westwood Patriots traveled to Ishpeming to battle for the right to continue on to the next Basketball game in this season. The Miners had a 20-0 on the last season and the Patriots had 14-7. The last time these two teams played, the Miners won by just two points. Brady Guilbault and Jesse Anderson brought you all of the action on Sunny FM.

Westwood wins the tip to start off the game. The two teams were ready to play as each had two empty possessions before the Miners stole the ball and Natalie Bartle was flagged for a travel on Negaunee. Tessa Leece scored the first three points in the game for the Patriots but Abby Nelson answered right back with a three of her own for the Miners. MacKenzie Karki had been doing a great job on the plays and definitely made it possible for the Miners to have the opportunities to make the buckets they made. Natalie Bartle picked up the pace for the Miners towards the end of the first for Negaunee. 13-9 was the score as the Miners led the Patriots. The second half of the game opened into Tessa Leece scoring two points for Westwood. After some time battling, the score was tied at 15-15. Abby Nelson had an amazing bucket saving block for the Miners. The two teams were playing back and forth on the score board until, just before the buzzer, Natalie Bartle scored two points to take the lead back for Negaunee. 22-21 was the score at half-time.

Negaunee Miners Girls Basketball VS Westwood Patriots in Districts on Sunny FM
A Patriot is at the line for her free-throws.

The Patriots had possession of the ball to start the second half. The Miners quickly took over. Marissa Carello and Karlie Patron, of the Patriots, dominated the floor and held a lead over the Miners for the majority of the third quarter. 38-34 was the score at the end of the third as the Miners trailed the Patriots. Jesse had commented that Westwood was just running away with this game and that they looked like they wanted to win it more. Unfortunately for the Miners, the shots just weren’t falling. The Miners also took a loss when Natalie Bartle fouled out of the game in the fourth. Clara Johnson made the last shot for Negaunee with her 1/2 free-throw. 59-44 was the score in as the Patriots won this game.

Negaunee Miners- 44
Westwood Patriots- 59

LISTEN LIVE- Negaunee Miners were defeated in Districts against the Westwood Patriots on Sunny FM

** To all of the Negaunee Miners Girls: You did an amazing job improving through out the year and in the years to come you will be one awesome BBall team.
** To the seniors: The lessons learned through out life can come from the smallest things that can be easily over-looked, so remember to slow down and enjoy the little things because your whole world is going to get so much larger. Enjoy the the victories in life and remember that when you fall down (and you will) don’t just get back up but rebound with all your strength and stay strong. Good luck, stay awesome!


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