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Negaunee Miners Beat Hancock Bulldogs In Double Overtime District Championship Match 47-44


Hancock, MiMarch 3rd, 2023The Negaunee Miner Girls Varsity Basketball Team fought hard against the Hancock Bulldogs in their District Championship match. Carl Leander Johnson was on the scene for Sunny 101.9

Grace Nardi was first to score with a three-pointer, giving the Miners the lead two minutes in. Grace Nardi earned two fouls, resulting in boos from the crowd. The Bulldogs fought back, stealing the lead by four points. A timeout was called shortly afterwards. After the timeout, Ella Mason cut the lead down to two. The Bulldogs scored another two-pointer, bringing their lead back to four. Atkins pulled the Miners back within two before the buzzer. 7-9

Hancock Defends
Hancock Defends

The second quarter moved quickly. the Bulldogs passed double digits before Aubrey Johnson brought the Miners to a score of nine. Ella Mason put herself on the board with a three pointer after some contest from Hancock. Ella knocked down a floater as well, stealing the lead for Negaunee. Ebert stole the ball and the lead for Hancock with a two pointer. Hancock continues to climb thanks to Ebert. Aubrey Johnson cut the Bulldogs lead back down to two from the free throw line before the buzzer beat. 16-18

The third quarter was intense. Cooper Atkins hustled the ball and passed to Aubrey Johnson, who evened the score for the Miners. Grace Nardi scored four points, stealing the lead for the Miners. Hancock called a timeout, after some back and forth Lena Aho was sent to the free throw line and managed to score once. Madison Pekril scored thanks to a pass from Atkins, giving the Miners their biggest lead of the night. Atkins reached seven rebounds in less than seven minutes. The Miners climbed to an eight point lead before the buzzer. 28-20

Negaunee Miner Pep Talk
Negaunee Miner Pep Talk

The fourth Quarter was outstanding! Bray from the Bulldogs cut the Miners lead down to five to start off the fourth. Ebert scored four points afterwards, giving the Bulldogs a 7-0 before a timeout. After the timeout, Aubrey Johnson was sent to the free throw line and scored twice. Ebert evened the score with a three pointer. Ella stole the lead once more with a three pointer. After another timeout, Selani of Hancock cut the lead down to a point. Another timeout was called with less than a minute on the clock. Grace Nardi scored a three pointer after a foul that wasn’t called. Cooper Atkins brought the Miners up three with thirty seconds on the clock. Another timeout was called after some back and forth. Aho scored a point from the free throw line before yet another timeout. Ebert passed to Selani, who scored a three-pointer off the backboard, bringing both teams into overtime at the buzzer.

Overtime at the District Championships was insane. Nardi of the Miners was first to score. Selani knocked down another three pointer bringing the Bulldogs to a score of 39. Ella Mason fought back, taking the Miners to an even forty points. Ebert tied the match once again from the free throw line. Ebert was fouled before Atkins was sent to the free throw line for a one and one. Since no further points were scored, they were sent into double overtime.


Double overtime left fans on the edge of their seats with every shot. Ella Mason reached a game high of fourteen points, and managed to steal the lead for the Miners. Grace Nardi was sent to the free throw line for two, and scored twice. After lots of back and forth, Ebert tied the score at forty-four before a timeout. Theresa Anderson stole the lead with a two pointer, making the student section go absolutely wild. Atkins stole the ball after the timeout, sending her to the free throw line. Atkins sank two free throws afterwards. The Bulldogs missed a three point shot, giving the Negaunee Miners the victory for District Championships. Carl Leander Johnson said it was one of the best matches he’s ever had the opportunity to announce. The student section screamed and cheered minutes afterwards.




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