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Negaunee Miner Boys Beat Gwinn Modeltowners 61-32


February 2nd, 2023Gwinn, MiThe Negaunee Miner boys fought hard against the Gwinn Modeltowners on a freezing Friday night. Carl Leander Johnson was on the scene for Sunny 101.9

The first quarter started off with fast action from Mason Sager of Negaunee who scored a point at the free throw line. Gwinn took the lead with a two pointer shortly after. Gavin Saunders scored a point as well, evening the score to two. The Modeltowners stole the lead yet again with a three pointer and a single. Gavin Downey brought the Miners to four, before Mason Sager scored a single and Brody Bell scored a two pointer. The Modeltowners fought back, climbing to a score of six before the Miners finished off the quarter in the lead. 12-6

The second quarter was interesting, Jordan Guinette scored three two pointers after a timeout bringing him to eight individual points before yet another timeout. McGuire of Gwinn cut the Miners lead down to nine a minute later. Brody Bell scored a three pointer shortly after, bringing the Miners lead back to twelve. Ty Jacobson scored a three pointer as well, brushing the Modeltowners defense away. The Modeltowners continued to fight, with little success. The Miners ended off the half with a buzzer beating three pointer, and a lead of seventeen. 32-15

The third quarter started off with Mason Sager, who scored a three pointer for the Miners. Gavin Downey followed with a three pointer, followed by Evan Gauthier who scored a single. Ty Jacobson scored a three pointer afterwards, bringing the Miners to a score of forty-two. The Modeltowners continued to fight back with little success. Brody Bell scored at the free throw line as well. The Miners continued to foul, which brought the Modeltowners into the bonus for the rest of the match. The Miners ended off the quarter with a thirty point lead, 51-21

The fourth quarter had a fast finish, the Modeltowners scored a two pointer as well as a point from the free throw line to start the quarter off. The Miners’ Jordan Guinette brought the lead back up to thirty before the Modeltowners scored a bucket. The Modeltowners finished off the match with a single point from the free throw line. The match ended with a score of 61-32




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