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Negaunee Miner Girls Defeat Gwinn Modeltowners 54-48


Gwinn, MiJanuary 17th, 2023The Negaunee Miner Girls fought hard out of town against the Gwinn Modeltowners Tuesday night. Carl Leander Johnson was on the scene for Sunny 101.9

The first quarter started with a two pointer from the Modeltowners. Grace Nardi tied it up shortly after, but sadly didn’t last long thanks to a Gwinn hoop from under the net. Gwinn scores another two pointer bringing them to a score of five. Aubrey Johnson cut the lead down to one shortly after. The Modeltowners scored two more two pointers bringing their score to nine. Ella Mason cut the lead back down to three shortly after, putting her on the scoreboard. Aubrey Johnson cut the lead down to one on a rebound thanks to some help from Ella Mason. The Modeltowners reached a score of eleven shortly after, ending off the quarter. 11-8

Negaunee At The Free Throw Line
Negaunee At The Free Throw Line

The second quarter was action-packed. The Gwinn Modeltowners were fighting hard to break the Miners three-win streak. Aubrey Johnson cut the lead down to one before Grace Anderson of Gwinn brought it back to three. The Miners scored a single from under the net before a two pointer from Mason bringing Gwinn’s lead down to two. Mason banked in a three pointer as well after some contest from Gwinn. A 30-second break was called shortly after by Justin Maki, the Modeltowner’s coach. Gwinn quickly climbed back up to a lead of five. Aubrey Johnson scored a two pointer around a minute later.The Modeltowners climbed back to five ending off the quarter. 21-16

The second half’s takeoff was tense, Ella Mason cut the lead down to three at the five minute mark. Grace Nardi knocked down two at the free throw line bringing the Miners to twenty points before a timeout. Ella Mason was sent to the free throw line, taking the lead for the Miners. The Modeltowners caused some problems, but Cooper Atkins evened the score at the free throw line. The Miners climbed to a lead of four, their biggest of the night thanks to Ella Mason. Lena Pleaugh of Gwinn scored a three pointer shortly after. The Modeltowners scored another three pointer retaking the lead. She banked yet another three pointer, taking a lead of five within two minutes. Mason scored a two pointer, but did little damage. Grace Andersen scored a three pointer taking the lead back up to five. Cooper Atkins scored a three pointer right before the quarter buzzer beat. The quarter ended 36-34 with the Modeltowners in the lead.

Gwinn Blocks
Gwinn Blocks

The Miners refused to lose in the fourth quarter, with Cooper Atkins scoring another three pointer to start. Cooper Atkins could not be stopped, scoring another three pointer seconds later. Grace Nardi scored a three pointer as well. The Miners reached a lead of six, their largest lead of the night, thanks to Nardi’s ball. Clare O’Donnell went to the free throw line and missed both shots. The Modeltowners continued to fight back, but the Miners fought hard and tightened their defense. Ella Mason scored her first three pointer of the night bringing them to another top lead of the night. Ella scored again off the glass, bringing the lead into the double digits before a timeout was called. Andersen of Gwinn cut the lead down to single digits a minute later. Cooper Atkins brought the Miners back to ten with back to back shots at the free throw line. Pleaugh banked another three pointer. After some contest from the Gwinn free throw line, Cooper Atkins brought the lead back to eight before a timeout. Ella Mason brought the Miners up to a score of fifty-four.




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