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Negaunee Miner Boys Beat Houghton Gremlins 50-47


Negaunee, MiJanuary 5th, 2023– The Negaunee Varsity Boys fought with a fire against the Houghton Gremlins Thursday night in the Miner’s hometown. Carl Leander Johnson was on the scene for Sunny 101.9. It was his first game of the New Year and he was happy to be in the Lakeview Memorial Gymnasium.

Down The Court
Down The Court

Matthew Peters and Ty Jacobson scored early on. Matthew scored a two and a three pointer to start off the Match. Gavin Saunders scored a two pointer bringing the Miner’s to double digits. Ty Jacobson scored a two pointer as well. The Gremlin’s managed to get a run of eight after a run of thirteen from The Miner’s. Luke Hill and Mikko Salmi both scored two three pointers.

Houghton stole the lead with a score of fourteen after a 60-second break. Salmi continued to scored bringing them to a score of nineteen. Brody Bell broke the nineteen point run with a two pointer after a break called by Negaunee Coach Brad Nelson. Bryce Bell retook the lead for the Miners, bringing them to a score of twenty. Mason Sager lead the Miner’s with a score of six. Matthew Peter’s scores yet again, as well as Gavin Downey. Negaunee ends the half off with an eight point lead 29-21

The third quarter was intense. The Gremlin’s started off with the ball, Bryce Pugh was able to cut the lead down to five with a three pointer. Ty Jacobson scores a two pointer, bringing his individual score up to six. Isiah Lawson scored his second three pointer of the match for the Gremlins, cutting the lead to four. Isiah Lawson went to the free throw line, Carl was in awe with his seemingly “peaceful” free throws, making him the top scorer for Houghton. Saunders reaches a game high of nine points, Sager brought his score of seven. Within a minute and a half, the gap is closed entirely thanks to a run form Houghton. Bryce Pugh was the last to score, bringing his individual score to eight. 38-38

Down The Court
Down The Court

The fourth quarter was crazy! Gavin Saunders scored a three pointer before a break called by the Gremlins. Sager scored a three pointer as well bringing his score into the double digits and the Miner’s out of a possible overtime match. Downey continued to sink buckets, bringing the Miner’s to a score of fifty. Kyle Primeau ended off the match with a two pointer, cutting the Miner’s lead down to three, barely beating the buzzer.




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