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Negaunee Miner Boys Beat Escanaba Eskimos To Start Off New Year 74-58


Escanaba, Mi January 2nd, 2023– The Negaunee Miners started off the New Year strong Monday in a match against the Escanaba Eskimos in their hometown. Jacob Swanson was on the scene for Sunny 101.9

The first quarter was intense, Negaunee started off with a quick lead thanks to Matthew Peters and Brody Bell. Cody Noel scored a two pointer for Escanaba. Gavin Downey scored a three pointer as well. Gavin Saunders scored a three pointer as well as a shot from the elbow, followed by Ty Jacobson who scored a two pointer bringing the Miner’s to a score of nineteen.
Brody Bell reached an individual score of nine points within the last minutes, in friendly competition with Gavin Saunders who had seven and Ty Jacobson who reached a score of six. 21-8

The second quarter moved quickly, Shane Wallen back to back three pointers for Escanaba right away. The momentum completely swapped, Escanaba fought with a vengeance with a run that brought them to 23. Negaunee refuses to lose and brings their score up to 33 thanks to Ty Jacobson. Escanaba continues to fight and brings their score up to 28 before Mason Sager scored a three pointer for Negaunee. Escanaba was able to score a massive number of twenty points, but still couldn’t keep up with the Negaunee Miners. The half ended with a score of 38-28.

The third quarter was intense, with a bucket from Gavin Saunders, which brought him to eleven points. Saunders was the first player of the match to reach double digits in individual scores. Cody Noel reaches a score of eleven shortly after as well, bringing Escanaba to a score of 30. Negaunee continued to shadow over Escanaba, as they passed a score of forty moments prior. Gavin Saunders continued to score and reached sixteen points. Negaunee earned foul after foul as well, but Saunders didn’t quit and reached an individual score of twenty-two. Gavin earned thirteen of the fifteen points scored by Negaunee at that point of the second quarter. The lead is cut down to eight by Wallen thanks to a three pointer. 54-46

The fourth quarter left the student section on the edge of their seats. Gavin Saunders reached twenty-five points. After lots of back and fourth, and an ankle injury on Escanaba’s end Wallen was able to shorten the lead down to nine yet again. Both teams score fouls while above the fifty point mark. Saunders scores another two pointer as well as a single, solidifying his lead in individual score with a dramatic score of 29. Escanaba attempted to compete but Negaunee simply wouldn’t hear it, climbing to a score of 68 while Escanaba reached a score of 59 before a timeout. Brody Bell fouled out after scoring thirteen points for the Negaunee Miners, Evan Gauthier swapped out with him. Saunders continued to fight for the Miners, reaching a whopping score of 33 points.




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