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Negaunee Miner Girls Beat Westwood Patriots 45-40


Westwood, MiDecember 21st, 2022– The Negaunee Miner girls played a tough game against the Westwood Patriots before winter break began. Carl Leander Johnson was on the scene for Sunny 101.9

The first quarter picked up quickly with Westwood scoring three points by Lexi Olson. Grace Nardi evened the score shortly after. Marta scored a three pointer gaining the lead once again. Lexi Olson scored another three pointer as well bringing the Patriots to a score of nine. Lexi Olson reached a personal score of eight after another two pointer. Aubrey Johnson cut the lead down to six, only for Lexi to score yet another three pointer. Olson continues to raise her individual score to thirteen with a two pointer. Ella Mason scored seven points in an attempt to cut down on Westwood’s lead.

The second quarter was intense, Lexi Olson missed her first three point shot of the match. Megan Marta reached an individual score of seven, raising the Patriot’s score to 20. Madison Pekril evened out the score. With Seeri Helms Gleason and Theresa Anderson scoring two pointers as well Ella Mason reached an individual score of 13. The half ended with Negaunee grasping a one point lead. 23-22

The third quarter left the student section on the edge of their seats. Megan Marta starts off scoring, bringing herself into the double digits. Aubrey Johnson scored three points for the Miners, followed by Ella Mason with two. Theresa Anderson scored another two pointer as well bringing the final score for the quarter to 32-28

The fourth quarter was worth the wait, it started off with a three pointer from Ella Mason with an assist from Cooper Atkins. Cooper hadn’t scored during the match but was an outstanding team player, helping with passes and ensuring that every member on her team was open when they needed to be. Ella Mason scored yet again, bringing the Miner’s lead to eight. Megan Marta scored another three pointer for the Patriots, with an individual score of eighteen. Ella Mason reached an individual score of 21, followed by Aubrey Johnson with seven. Lexi Olson cut the lead down to three after dispersing from the scoreboard for two quarters. Both sides scored from free throws bringing the score to 45-40.




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