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Negaunee Miner Boys Lose To Westwood Patriots 60-47


Westwood, MiDecember 21st, 2022– The Negaunee Miner Boys fought hard against the Westwood Patriots starting off a double header night. Carl Leander Johnson was on the scene for Sunny 101.9

The match had a quick start, Westwood was first to score, but was followed by the Miner’s Matthew Peters, Westwood doubled down reaching a score of seven before a bucket from Jace Turri. Westwood continued to climb as Mason Downey and Brody Bell scored. Ty Jacobson was able to score a three pointer as well before the quarter finished. 16-11

The second quarter was intense, Westwood scored a two pointer only for the Miner’s to follow shortly after bringing their score to thirteen. Niemi of Westwood scored another two pointer, bringing him to an individual score of eight for Westwood. Brody Bell scored, cutting Westwood’s lead down to five. After quite a bit of back and forth, Ty Jacobson scored another three pointer. Mason Sager scored on one free throw. 20-19

The third quarter started with Westwood on offense, although it was short lived. Gavin Downey tied up the match for the first time since the first quarter, followed by Matthew Peters and Gavin Downey. The Miners climbed to a lead to seven, only for Westwood to follow with a 7-0 lead. However, the Miner’s drive refused to dimmer. Gavin was able to score again followed by Jacob Guenette who brought Negaunee’s lead back up to one. Westwood didn’t let this lead last long, finishing the quarter with a score of 35-38

Westwood’s Ethan Marta started off with the ball, he didn’t hold it for long before Negaunee regained possession. They found themselves unable to score as Westwood regained the ball and gained two players with double digit scores. Brody Bell and Gavin Downey were able to score only for Niemi to score for Westwood, bringing the score to 51-43. Andrew Niemi fouled out after scoring 21 points. Westwood scored another two pointer, bringing the lead to eight. Ty Jacobson was sent to the free throw line shortly after. Brody Bell was able to scored as well. Westwood was able to climb after being able to bring their lead back up to ten. 60-47




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