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Negaunee Miners Face Defeat Against Marquette Redmen 79-73


Marquette, MiDecember 12th, 2022– Intensity filled the court and student section of Marquette Senior High School’s gymnasium Wednesday night. The Negaunee Miners varsity basketball team fought against Marquette with Carl Leander Johnson broadcasting on Sunny 101.9

Marquette started off strong in the first quarter, scoring six points before Gavin Downey was able to get a three pointer.Ty Jacobson was able to score a two pointer,with Mason Sager scoring a rebound as well. Marquette refused to lose and continued to lead in the double digits Gavin Scored yet again followed by Mason Sager giving the Miner’s a score of nine.
Marquette continued to score with Saunders followed cutting down Marquette’s lead, to no avail thanks to a three point shot from Jacob MacPhee. Gavin Downey reached his ten point mark after scoring yet again for the Negaunee Miners. 17-24

The Second quarter moved even quicker than the first. Gavin Downey scored a free throw bringing him up to 11 individual points. Gavin Saunders had an amazing quarter, bringing his individual score up to the double digits as well. Easton Clements passed to Macphee who scored. Matthew Peters followed shortly after gaining his first point for the Negaunee Miners.
Marquette continued to score, but Negaunee kept a close distance, falling behind by only two points!Gavin Downey and Saunders both continued to score, bringing their scores to 13 and 15. 37-39

The third quarter was filled with fast action. Jack Quinell was the first to score for the quarter giving Marquette an even further lead. The Miners were able to take their first lead of the night thanks to back to back buckets from Gavin Downey. Jace Turri was able to score his first bucket of the night, giving the Miner’s a three point lead. Brody and Sager were able to score bringing Negaunee ‘s lead to seven. Marquette worked hard to take the lead down, Gavin Jacobson scored attempting to combat their defenses.

The fourth quarter made the student section go crazy. Quinell scored a free throw tightening the gap down to a point. Matthew Peters was able to score with some mild interference from Marquette. Mason Sager was able to score a three pointer, taking back the lead from Marquette. Marquette didn’t let that last long, Mason Sager was able to combat Marquette bringing the score to 71-69. Jack Quinell scored yet again bringing his individual score to 18 for Marquette. Saunders was able to score on a rebound. Justin Jurmu scored yet again for Marquette bringing the lead to six before a timeout. Sager was able to score two points before yet another timeout. The Miners went cold in the last few minutes, causing them to get their first loss against their long time rival team Marquette.

Final Score 79-73


Jordan Guenette scored 31 points in the JV game prior to the varsity match, giving the Miner’s the win after a 50-50 tie in overtime. Final score 52-50


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