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Negaunee Miners Beat Gladstone Braves 61-27

Down Court
Down Court

Negaunee, MiDecember 2nd, 2022– Carl Leander Johnson was on the scene Friday night, reporting on the Negaunee Miner Girl’s game against the Gladstone Braves.

The first quarter started off quick, the Braves moved fast but the Miners got and kept the lead thanks to Ella Mason with eight points, Cooper Atkins with six points, Aubrey Johnson with four, as well as Madison Pekrul’s two. Addie Trombley, Lillie Johnson and Alexa Wetthuhn of The Braves attempted to stop their lead, to no avail leading to a score of 20-11

The second quarter had an extreme level of intensity! Ella Mason scored within a minute, followed by Cooper and Pekrul. Grace Nardi scored a point. Negaunee reached seven fouls in comparison to the Braves’ four. Aubrey Johnson forced over eight turnovers within the first half of the match. Grace managed to score two more two point shots, and Cooper Atkins was able to score two points as well leading to a score of 36-14 for the second quarter.

Negaunee Miners Basketball Court
Negaunee Miners Basketball Court

The third quarter started off strong with another two points from Mason for the Miners. Clair O’Donnell scored for the first time her senior year. Aubrey Johnson was given three free throws to finish off the quarter, she scored on the second one alone.

The fourth quarter left fans on the edge of their seats, Mason and Trombley were head to head for a majority of the quarter. Ella Mason scored two points, giving her a lead of 21 as an individual. She twisted her ankle shortly after, sending her to the bench. Grace Nardi scored two more points, followed by Cooper Atkins with another two. Gleason scored twice in the quarter, and was the final score of the game as well.




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