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The Miners Rolls Houghton in their first Playoff Game (48-0)


Negaunee, MI – October 28, 22 – Negaunee looks to keep their undefeated season alive against Houghton. Friday’s game was live on Sunny 101.9 and Sunny.fm.


Negaunee on Defense.
Negaunee on Defense.

Q1: Negaunee would begin the game kicking the ball off to Houghton. Houghton would start on the 20-yard line. Very first play Houghton gets called for an illegal formation. Wyatt Jenkins runs the for the Gremlins, getting them the 5-yards back from the penalty. A intentional grounding would take the Gremlins back even more. Houghton would end up punting on a 4th and 15 on their first drive. Negaunee begins on Houghton’s 36-yard line. Very first play Kai Lacar would take it in for a 36-yard touchdown. Houghton would start their second drive at the 24-yard line. A Negaunee false start give Houghton a free 5-yards. A tackle for loss would send back Houghton back 4-yards. Wyatt Jenkins makes a couple moves and get Houghton their first down and at their own 34-yard line. Houghton would end up punting it back to Negaunee. Philip Nelson would take the punt back for a 71-yard touchdown return, putting Negaunee up two scores in the first quarter. Houghton would begin their third drive at the 25-yard line. After a first down, Houghton would punt the ball after another drive stalled. Negaunee would start their second drive with a first down run by Lacar. Putting Negaunee at their own 45-yard line. Nico Lukkarinen run would get the Miners at the Houghton 40-yard line. After a few big plays, Negaunee would get inside the 10-yard line. a Lacar 5-yard run would end the first quarter.

Negaunee- 14 Houghton- 0


Negaunee on Offense.
Negaunee on Offense.

Q2: Negaunee would start the second quarter with a Lukkarinen 5-yard touchdown run. Negaunee would miss the extra point. Houghton would begin their first drive of the quarter with a loss of 11-yards. Another penalty for Houghton would make it a 3rd and 30. A 4th and 30 would make Houghton punt it back to Negaunee. Negaunee would begin at the Houghton’s 33-yard line. First mistake of the night for Negaunee would be a holding penalty, making it a 1st and 20. Lacar runs it for about 13-yards, making it a 3rd and 7. Next play Lacar bounces it out to Negaunee a 1st down and at Houghton’s 20-yard line. A pass interference from Houghton puts Negaunee at the 8-yard line. Lacar next play would get it in for a 8-yard touchdown run. Lacar would get in for the 2-point conversion, putting the Miners up 4 scores. Houghton would start their next drive at the 20-yard line. Another stalled drive from Houghton would punt. A low snap from Houghton, Negaunee would start inside the 20-yard line. A holding penalty puts Negaunee at a 3rd and 15. Negaunee would go for it at 4th and 15 and would not be able to convert. Houghton would start at their own 23-yard line. A fumble from Houghton would put Negaunee at 1st and goal. A holding penalty puts Negaunee back to the 12-yard line. An overthrow from Negaunee would turnover on downs after a failed attempt to go for it on 4th down. Houghton would run the ball and let the clock run out to end the half.

Negaunee- 28 Houghton- 0

Q3: Houghton would begin the second half with kicking the ball off to Negaunee. Negaunee would start at their own 38-yard line. A big run gets the Miners a 15-yard gain. Next play Lukkarinen would take it to the house for a long touchdown run. Negaunee would miss their 2nd extra point of the night. Houghton would bobble the kick return and would start at their own 33-yard line. A 15-yard gain from Camden Markham. Houghton would go for it on 4th down and turn over it on downs. Negaunee would start their drive with a 13-yard run. Lukkarinen would run it in for another score. After that Neguanee touchdown, running clock would start. That would end the quarter.

Negaunee- 48 Houghton-0

Q4: Houghton’s next drive would stall out again and would punt the ball to Negaunee. Negaunee’s next drive start in Houghton territory. A few big plays would get Negaunee inside the 20-yard line. Chase Bonovetz would get in for big touchdown run. Houghton’s next drive would stall out. Negaunee’s next drive would start in Houghton territory. Negaunee would turn the ball over on downs. Houghton would get the ball back and run out the clock to end the game.

Negaunee-48 Houghton-0

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