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Negaunee Miners Beat Gladstone Braves 26-4


Marquette, Mi October 7th, 2022– This Friday, Mark Evans and Gregg Nelson commentated The Negaunee Miner’s match against The Gladstone Braves. It was rainy, cold, and windy but both teams did their best for one of the most anticipated matches of the season!

Kai Lacar was the first to score with a run of 7 yards for the first quarter. Taylor Darmogary of Gladstone followed with a 21 yard touchdown less than a minute later. The rest of the quarter contained short distance runs and an injury to Kai Lacar. 1st Quarter Score 6-6

Within the first minute of the second quarter, Niko Lukkarinen scored a 4 yard touchdown for the Negaunee Miners. Phillip Nelson seemed as though he was “possessed to score” according to Gregg Nelson as he made another touchdown. Phillip Nelson followed with a kick bringing the score to 21. Kai Lacar was able to score a touchdown with 26 seconds to go. 2nd Quarter Score 24-6

The third quarter was a rolling one, despite the added stress neither the Miners or Gladstone was able to score. 3rd Quarter Score 24-6

The fourth quarter was uneventful as well, Nate Young of the Gladstone Braves suffered an injury but continued to play in-game. The Negaunee Miners appear to be the best football team in the Upper Peninsula. Make sure to tune in next Friday for their next match. 4th Quarter Score 24-6




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