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The Negaunee Miners Decimate L’anse Purple Hornets At Homecoming Game


Marquette,Mi September 30th, 2022 -This evening, the sun shined on a packed student section at The Negaunee Miner’s Homecoming Game against L’anse, or The Purple Hornets. Mark Evans and Gregg Nelson performed the play-by-play on Sunny 101.9

The first quarter started off strong with a touchdown from Nico Lukkarinen of Negaunee, which was followed by a kick from Phillip Nelson. Kai Lacar scored a touchdown from a one-yard rush, a kicked followed his play as well raising the score once again. Phillip Nelson kept the blood flowing and scored a 58 yard touchdown as well bringing the score to 20-0 for the first quarter.

The first quarter was packed with even more action from The Negaunee Miners. Kai Lacar scored a touchdown and Phillip Nelson scored from the tee, furthering The Miner’s lead. Kai Lacar refused to back down, and scored again with less than two minutes to spare for the second quarter. Philip Nelson doubled down on the Purple Hornets, scoring a 58 yard punt return. The Negaunee Miners were able to bring the score to 37-0 before the end of the first quarter.

The game switched to a rolling clock before the end of the second quarter. Anthony Gleason was able to score a touchdown despite the time crunch, followed by Phillip Nelson bringing the score to 44-0.

The third quarter was mainly uneventful, Kellen Koskinen was able to score as well as another L’anse member who brought the score to 44-8 with a two point conversion.

This match was a perfect beginning to Negaunee’s Homecoming weekend. Tune in next Friday on Sunny 101.9 for the Miner’s next match against Gladstone!




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